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Color-varialbe Silica Gel (PY-CV)

Product Description:
In the form of spherical or irregularly-shaped grains, the gel is currently presented blue, purple or orange.

Molecular formula:
E are two dyes)

According to different color can be divided as:
Blue silica gel (PY-BLUE), including:
(1). Spherical blue gel

(2). Granular blue gel
Color-variable silica gel, including:
(1). PY-P (purple particle, raw material Alumina silica gel)
(2).PY-O (orange particle, raw material type A silica gel)

With silicon dioxide as the chief ingredient, the product color varies as humidity changes: after adsorb the humidity, blue particles will change to light blue till the end to light red; purple particles will change to light orange-red till the end to light orange-yellow; orange particles will change to light brown-green till the end to light blackish-green.

(1). Blue silica gel contains cobalt chloride. After absorbing moisture, it turns from blue to red, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environments. So the product can be used as industry and household moisture absorption desiccant.
(2). Color-variable silica gel performs all the functions of blue silica gel, does not contain cobalt chloride and is therefore innocuous and pollution-free

Using method:
(1). Put proper amounts in a suitable container or package and set the container or package where drying or humidity indication is needed. This gel can be used independently or in combination with other types of silica gel.
(2). After changing color as a result of absorbing dampness, the gel can be reused after heating to change back to its pre-use color. Heating is most suitable between 100-120℃.

Mainly used:
For drying and indicating humidity.
In precision instruments, medicine, petrol chemicals, foodstuff, clothing, leather, electric appliances, other industrial gases, etc.

1-3mm2-5mm3-5mm 3-6mm

25kg per compound bag net.
    500kg container bag

Transportation and storage:
considered the color variable characteristics, the product should be stored in a dry place; the outer packaging cannot directly touch the ground, should have shelf isolation. During the transportation process, product should avoid rain, moisture and exposure, so as not to affect the normal use of the product.
Technique parameter:

Adsorption capacity %
RH=20%≥ 8.5 9 9
RH=50%≥ 22.5 22 22
Rate of Wearing           %≤ 10 5 5
Qualified size ratio        %≥ 90 90 90
PH Value 4-8 4-8 4-8
Loss on heating           %≤ 5 2 2
Color Variation
RH=20%≥ Light blue Orange-red Light brown-yellow
RH=35%≥ Purplish red Light orange-red Light brown-green
RH=50%≥ Light red Light orange Light blackish-green
Original Color Blue Purple  orange

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