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Large-pored Silica Gel

Product Description:
Product name:
Large-pored silica gel or Wide-pored silica gel

This is a special kind of silica gel same as other silica gel, has high adsorption capacity, belongs to  non-crystalline substance. According to the shape of a wide-pore silica gel, they can be divided into wide-pore silica gel bead, wide-pore silica gel lump.

Wide-pore silica gel does not dissolve in water and any solvent, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, does not react with any material except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Due to the different manufacturing method from other silica gel, wide-pore silica gel possesses different pore structure. The biggest characteristic is wide pore, higher adsorption capacity and lower bulk density.

petroleum chemical industry, electronic instrument, household appliances, physical/chemical laboratory, biological system and food industries. This product is widely used in beer stabilizing agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier, high molecular protein adsorption and refine  in fermented products and purified life active substances, water quality purification and recovery of valuable metals, separation and purification of effective components of Chinese herbal medicine and synthetic drug, water resistant adhesive material namely air separation adsorption material.
Technique parameter:

Pore volume Bulk density Pore size Specific surface area
1.0-1.3 350400 120150 330 ~400
1.31.7 300350 150300 290 ~330
1.72.0 250300 300400 250~290
2.02.5 200250 400500 200~250
2.53.0 180220 >500 150~200

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