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PY-C (Macro-pored silica gel)

Product Description:
Product name:
Macro-pored silica gel also named as Type C silica gel, is highly active adsorption material, belongs to amorphous material

milky white, glass-like irregular granular, without impurities, allow individual different color particles.

Molecular formula:

Insoluble in water and any solvent; non-toxic, odorless, chemically stable, won’t dissolve in any solvent except for alkali and hydrofluoric acid

the chemical components and physical structure of macro-pored silica gel decided that it has many characteristics that other similar material difficult to replace: high adsorption capability, good heat stability, high chemical stability and mechanical strength and so on.

(1) Macro-pored lump silica gel  (can be used as cat sand raw material)
(2) Macro-pored bead silica gel  (can be used as cat sand raw material)
(3) Macro-pored microspherical silica gel

Mainly used:
as air or liquid purification agents
for dehydration and purification of industrial gas
for removal of the organic acid and high polymer from the insulating oil
for the adsorption of macromolecule protein in process of industrial ferment
as the catalyst and catalyst carrier

Lump: 1-8mm1-4mm0.5-2mm
Bead: 4.0-8.0mm2.0-5.0mm1-8mm
Microspherical: 300-850μm(20-50mesh)125-425μm(40-120mesh)

Basic quality datas:
Average pore diameter: 8.0-12.0nm
Surface area: 300-400m2/g ,
Pore volume:0.8-1.1ml/g
Specific heat: 0.92KJ/kg.
Thermal conductivity: 0.167 KJ/

15kg, 20kg per compound bag net. 500kg container bag

Packing, size and specifications may be customized per your specific requirements.
Technique parameter:
Macro-pored spherical silica gel Macro-pored granular silica gel Macro-pored micro-spherical silica gel
Qulified size ratio     %≥ 94 90 90
Rattler loss          %≤ 6 10 10
Bulk density          g/l≥ 400 400 400
Pore volume        ml/g≥ 0.85 0.76 1
Pore diameter         Å      
Surface area     440-480
Qualified ratio of spherical granules, %≥ 78 --  
Loss on heating %≤ 5 5 2

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