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Silica Gel for Variable-Pressure Adsorption(PY-VP)

Product Description:
Variable-pressure adsorption
is a kind of new high-technology used for gas separation and purifying. Mainly used for the recovery, separation and purifying of carbon dioxide gas. It is used for preparation of carbon dioxide in synthetic ammonia industry, food & beverage processing industry, etc. It may also be used for drying, moisture absorption as well as dewatering of organic products.

Silica Gel for Variable-Pressure Adsorption
is a kind of special adsorbent aimed at variable-pressure adsorption of gas separation technology research and development. Through the special adsorbent production process, control the pore size distribution and pore volume, change adsorbent surface physical and chemical properties, to enlarge adsorption capacity and quicken adsorption and decarbonizaion capacity, reinforce selective adsorption capacity and increase separation factor. Packaging and specifications can be customized according to user needs

yellowish, transparent or translucent, glass-like.

Chemical molecular formula:
Similar to fine-pored silica gel but has much better selective adsorptive capability and other specifications.

20kg or 25kg per compound bag net.

Packing, size and specifications may be customized per your specific requirements
Technique parameter:
Item Range Silica Gel for Variable-Pressure Type A silica gel
Adsorption capacity      
RH=20% ≥ 10.5 12.5-13.5 10.5-11.5
RH=50% ≥ 23.0 28.5-30.5 25.5-28.5
RH=90% ≥ 34.0 38.5-40.0 35.5-38.5
Bulk density/ml ≥ 0.75 0.78-0.80 0.75-0.78
SiO2 content% ≥ 98.0 99-99.5 600-680
CO2 adsorption ml/g ≥ 20.0 23.0-25.0 14.0-17.0

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