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Silica Gel for Column-layer Chromatography

Product Description:
Column chromatography silica gel is a strong polar solid adsorbent of hydrogen bonds type, its chemical composition is SiO2·H2O.Column chromatography silica gel presents white powder-like particle form,non-taxic, tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvents. It does not react with any other chemical materials except for hydrofluoric acid and hot alkali.
Column chromatography silica gel is a kind of porous material with Si-OH covered on the surface. The different components in mixed system in its hole are absorbed by the active site-Si-OH, and competitive adsorption exists between solvent molecules and solute molecules, solute molecules on these active sites Si-OH, resulting in the difference of residence time of different components, so as to achieve separation or purification.
Raw material of column chromatography silica gel is specially customized produced, with a specific pore size distribution and the distribution of surface hydroxyl groups, high purity and low impurity, low dissolution of micro or trace impurities, non-pollution to substances being separated. With patented vibrating screen in line with the human body bionics in production process, products screening out if of uniform size distribution, high theoretical plate number, high column efficiency, large peak capacity, high resolution. Flow rate of column is stable in application regardless of atmospheric pressure or pressurization.

Column chromatography silica gel is widely used in pharmaceutical sciences, plant sciences, biotechnology, fine chemicals, organic synthesis, material science, life science, environmental science, grain food and other fields.

Column chromatography silica gel has two kinds of size: I reagent grade; II industrial grade.

Stored in dry and ventilated place. Do not co-deposit with volatile substances in order to avoid moisture absorption, or adsorption of other chemical substances to affect the separation performance.

Particle size, pore volume, pore size, PH, moisture, packaging, impurity content, etc. can be produced according to the user agreement.

Size Comparison text

size size size size
mesh μm mesh μm mesh μm mesh μm
20-40 425-850 80-100 150-180 100-160 100-150 100-200 75-150
40-80 180-425 80-120 125-180 160-200 75-100 200-300 50-75
60-80 180-250 100-120 125-150 70-230 63-212 300-400 38-50
60-100 150-250 100-140 106-150 230-400 38-63 500-800 15-25

Technique parameter:

tpye ZCX-1 ZCX-2 ZCX-4 ZCX-1 ZCX-2 ZCX-3
Chloride (CL)%  ≤ 0.02  
Iron (Fe) %  ≤ 0.02  
Lead (Pb) %  ≤ 0.001  
Arsenic (As) %  ≤ 0.0003  
Heavy metal(by Pb) %  ≤ 0.003  
PH(100g/l aqueous suspension) 6.0-7.0 6.0-8.0
Loss on heating  %  ≤ 3.0 5.0
Pore volume (ml/g) 0.30-0.50 0.80-1.10 0.70-0.85 0.3-0.5 0.8-1.1 0.7-2.00
Specific surface area (m2/g) 400-600 300-450 450-550 400-600 300-450 30-300
Qualified size ratio Size(mesh) 100-200 200-300 230-400 100-200 200-300 300-400
Ratio  %  ≤ 80 60 60 80 60 60

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