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Silica gel for beer

Product Description:
Silica gel for beer is a highly active adsorption material, can adsorbs the proteins which cause beer turbid and removes them through filtering just within several minutes, thus prolonging the beer storage period, and keeping beer from being cold muddy.

With superior physical and chemical properties, silica gel for beer does not have any adverse effect on the beer foam or taste. It generally recognized by the world beer industry.

This product has large specific surface area and fine-pored structure. It possesses high stability under hot or cold atmosphere and is nontoxic, tasteless and is harmless to human body.

Other usage
Can also used in food industry, light pink, cocoa powder, anti-caking agent, noodle soup, spice carrier, toothpaste, etc
Technique parameter:
Analysis specifications Specifications range Typical value Remark
1 Appearances White solid powder with many Microporous structure   ---
2 Specific surface area,  m2/g 350-580 440 ---
3 Pore volume, ml/g 0.9-1.3 1.1 ---
4 Pore size,  A 8-16nm 10nm ---
5 Pb  % ≤ 0.001 0.001 ---
  As  % ≤ 0.0003 0.0003 ---
6 Moisture content 10% 5.0 ---

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