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Silicic Acid

Product Description:
Silicic acid is glass-like colorless or transparent grains, hardly soluble in water. It has a variety of molecules, such as H2Si2O5, metasilicate, original silicate Si(OH)4 or H4SiO4etc., Generally used silicic acid is stable metasilicate H2SiO3.
Insoluble in acids (except for hydrofluoric acid), soluble in caustic alkali solution. Compared with silica gel, it contains more hydroxyls and is a kind of high-purity reagent silica gel. Heated to 150
is decomposed into silicon dioxide. Strongly reacted with hydrofluoric acid and decomposition.

Mainly used for:
adsorption for gas and steam, oil and wax decolorizing, the preparation of catalyst and its carrier.
Fusion agent for processing tungsten filaments, chemical reagent and contact agent on analytical chemistry, adsorbent on chromatographic separation, raw material for processing silica gel and silicate.
It can translate insoluble fluoride such as calcium fluoride, aluminum fluoride into soluble solution and determination of the fluorine.

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