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Water-resistant Silica Gel (PY-F)

Product Description:
     Product Name:
Water-resistant Silica Gel

It has better water resistance capacity, less regenerative burst and longer life than most other silica gel adsorbents.

white or light gray spherical beads .

Use For:
mainly used for drying air, compressed air or a variety of industrial gases.
It is used as impurities adsorbents in liquid air and liquid oxygen in air separation processes.
It is used in petrochemical, power and brewery industry as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier.
It is used as protective bed desiccant and silica sand of common silica gel .

Transportation and storage:
product should be stored in a dry place; the outer packaging cannot directly touch the ground, should have shelf isolation. In the handling process the outer packaging should avoid sharp hook. During the transportation process, product should avoid rain, moisture and exposure, so as not to affect the normal use of the product

Technique parameter:
Bulk density g/cm3 400—500
Pore volume ml/g ≥0.55
Non-breaking ratio in water % ≥95%
Adsorption capacity R.H. % ≥65
Abrasion ratio wt.% ≤2%
Compressive strenth N/Particle ≥40 3KG
Moisture content wt.% ≤3.0

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