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Macro-pored Micro-spherical Silica Gel

Product Description:
Molecular formula :

White, transparent or translucent spherical particle.

Internally well-distributed micro-pored structure, physically and chemically stable.
Good thermal stability, High mechanical strength Have strong adsorption capacity to water vapor and other gases and solvents.

Used as catalyst or catalyst carrier in the manufacturing of the important industrial products, such as cyanuramide, benzene anhydride, maleic acid anhydride, butadiene rubber, acrylic nitrite, etc. It is also widely used for highly refining petrochemical products by adsorbing aromatic hydrocarbon. It may also be used for the selectively adsorptive separation of organic gases and liquids, as well as for eliminating multivalent poisonous elements in water through ion exchanging process.

20-40mesh;35-50mesh;30-100mesh;40-120mesh;100-200mesh or according to requirements
Technique parameter:
Pore volum                   Å 80-120
Plore size                   ml/g 0.8-1.1
Specific surface area          m2/g 300-600
Loss on heating at 150       % ≤ 5
Adsorption capacity(RH 100%)   % ≥ 90
Abrasion ration               % ≤ 10
Qualified size ratio            % ≥ 85 or 90

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