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How to choose cat litter?

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Bentonite cat litter, low price, good clumping effect, but poor deodorization effect, not recommended in poor ventilation room, and will produce more dust, not suitable for respiratory system sensitive pets. Moreover, the weight of bentonite cat litter is heavy, which is not easy to carry and clean.

Bentonite cat litter

Silica gel cat litter: due to the rich microporous structure of silica gel, it has a strong ability of absorbing moisture and peculiar smell. It is an ideal pet cleaner. However, silicone cat litter does not have the ability to clumping.

silica gel cat litter

Tofu cat litter is made of pea fiber and has a light bean flavor. Compared with the traditional bean curd cat litter, it can better remove the odor of excreta, inhibit bacteria, dust, moisture and mildew, and has a good agglomeration, which is convenient for the owner to clean up. Avoid the shortcomings of the first two kinds of traditional cat litter, more safe, very environmental protection.

tofu cat litter

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