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Product name:
Silica sol belongs to colloid. It is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic.

1. Basic sodium type
2. Acidic non-stabilizer type

Colorless transparent or translucent sticky liquid

This product is a milky translucent colloid, has certain viscosity, when the water evaporated, turns to solid SiO2; can form gel with electrolyte

(1).with strong adsorption capability, have good adsorption effect to inorganic and organic materials.
(2).Have certain bonding, in certain areas to join a fiber or granular materials and then dry cure, can generate good gel structure.
(3). has good high temperature performance, and can be resistant to about 1700 ℃.

(1). Since the colloid grains are minute (10-20nm) and have relatively large specific surface area, the grains themselves are colorless and transparent, so they do not affect the natural color of the materials to be covered.
(2). With low viscosity, it can soak the places where water soaks, therefore, it presents excellent dispersion and permeability when being mixed with other substances.
(3). When the moisture contained in silica sol are evaporated, the colloid grains firmly adhere to the material surface and the combination of silicon and oxygen is then formed between grains. It is a good adhesive. 

Mainly used:
1.Casting adhesive
Silica sol has moderate sodium, micelle diameter and viscosity, thus dubbed the slurry, the solvent mobility and coating property is perfect. After forming the crust, it will have good heat resistance and creep property. Meanwhile, silica sol is odorless, environmentally friendly, cheap, good casting luminosity. Together with corundum powder, lead vanadium and soil powder, coal gangue powder and zirconium powder to make casting coating. Coating on the gold or sand type surface, can improve casting or ingot luminosity and prevent sticky sand. Silica sol and gypsum compatibility use, casting hardening fast and strength high, casting or sand, casting the most ideal coating adhesive.

2. Refractory material processing adhesive
Using silica sol as the binder can sinter industrial ceramic components, such as refractory bricks high temperature porcelain pipe. It can be fired with aluminum silicate fiber to make insulation equipment, such as tubular billet; can also be mixed with short fiber to make coating, to implement insulation of the tall furnace. Compared with other binder, the equipment made by silica sol, have great improvement in many aspects such as durable, high temperature resistant, heat preservation.

3.catalyst and catalyst carrier.

4. Paper making industry addictives
It can be used as the anti-glutinous agent of cellophane, pre-treatment agent of photographic paper, skid-proof agent of cement bags, etc.

5. Used in textile coating industry additives
(1) It can be used as sizing agent in textile industry. When used with oil agent to process wool and rabbit hair, it helps improve the processing of wool and rabbit hair, reduce broken ends, eliminate flyings, thus improve the finished product rate and increase the economic returns.
(2) Silica sol can compatibility use with other material to make many special coatings to meet various metal components’ different requirements on anticorrosive, abrasion, insulation and fireproof.
(3) Different coatings made by silica sol can be used for plasma spraying, flame spray, and rapid spray coating, then sealing the hole and filling or mask layer. Improve component performance on anticorrosive, wearing, seal, insulation and fireproof, and this process has effectively use in the aviation structure.

6. Used as the treatment agent of silicon steel plates, dispersing agent of kinescopes and skidproof agent of floor waxes, etc.


25kg、250kg、1200kg、1300kg  plastic drums.

Transportation storage and clean:
1. This product can only be closed in a clean, dry plastic bucket and stored in ventilated, dry place, storage temperature 5-40 ℃
2. This product is non-toxic, non-dangerous goods, non-dangerous goods transport rules can apply. Maintained 0-40 ℃ during storage and transport, prevent from frozen or exposure.
3. Containers that contact or storage this product should be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent the silica deposit. If there is some deposit, can use 5%-10% sodium hydroxide solution heated at 50-60 ℃ to clean and remove it.

ITEM Basic sodium type
Acidic non-stabilizer type
JN--20 JN--25 JN--30 JN--40 SW--20 SW--25 SW--30
SiO2% 20.0-21.0 25.0-26.0 30.0-31.0 40.0-41.0 20.0-21.0 25.0-26.0 30.0-31.0
Na2O, % ≤ 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.04 0.05 0.06
pH value 8.5-10.0 8.5-10.0 8.5-10.0 9.0-10.5 2.4-4.0 2.4-4.0 2.4-4.0
Viscosity (25),mp a.s ≤ 5 6 7 25 5 6 7
Density (25),g/cm3 1.12-1.14 1.15-1.17 1.19-1.21 1.28-1.30 1.12-1.14 1.15-1.17 1.19-1.21
Average particle diameter,nm 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20 10 - 20

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