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Silica Gel Cat Sand (cat Litter)

Cat sand(cat litter)
​Mainly used as the padding for household cat, dog or other puppy, with the characteristics of clean, economical and less waste. In order to meet the needs of different customers, the kinds and types of cat litter become more and more perfect, and we will further develop new potential and competitive cat litter to fulfill customers demand.

Silica gel cat litter is mainly composed of silica dioxide, the content of up to 98%,Because of its abundant microporous structure, silica gel has super hygroscopicity and moisture absorption characteristics.So, Silica gel cat litter is the latest and most ideal cleaning agent for pet waste

Name:Silica Gel Cat Litter

Packing form:2.08KG/bag (4.6L)

(The packaging form can be customized)

Flavor type:  original、apple、lavander, etc.

Ingredient:Silica gel.

Shelf-life : 24months

Now, we have mainly these types as: type C spherical cat sand, type C lump cat sand, water-tolerant spherical cat sand, large pore lump cat sand, type B cat sand, alumina cat sand, FNG cat sand, Paper cat litter, Bamboo cat litter, Tofu cat litter, etc. We will provide more space on cat sand color, odor and antibacterial effect.


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