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Silica Gel Plates


Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate
Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate is formed of high-quality high-purity thin layer chromatography silica gel blended with appropriate adhesive to deploy coating on glass substrate plate. Plate surface is smooth, dense, with uniform thickness.
Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plates used for production of Puke thin-layer chromatography silica gel is specifically produced, different from the commercially available thin-layer chromatography silica gel, with a specific pore volume, surface area, pore size, narrow particle size distribution. Coated thin layer chromatography silica gel plate with the following characteristics:
1.   High theoretical plate number, good separation effect of complex mixtures system, intuitive, convenient, easy to cut color band
2.   High precision separation, small sample size, small point-like speckles, easy to series analysis
3.   Short separation time, high sensitivity and high resolution, clear speckles, on-diffusion, non-tailing, easy quick qualitative analysis
4.   Constant Rf value, reproducible
5.   Wide chromomeric reagent selectivity
Thin-layer chromatography silica gel have been widely applied in research, teaching, clinical, production in pharmaceutical industry, plant chemistry, bio-engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, food chemistry, material science, life science, clinical chemistry, environment chemistry, law review analysis. In segregation analysis and small amount of preparation (1mg-1g-class preparation), it has taken the place of paper chromatography and classical column chromatography.

1.   by use: normal plate(qualitative analysis)、preparation plate(quantitive analysis、1mg-1g class preparation)
2.   by type: G type、GF254type、H type、HF254type
3.   by efficacy: thin-layer chromatography silica gel, efficient thin layer chromatography silica gel
4.   by PH: acidic(PH3-5)、neutral(PH6-7)、basic(PH8-9)
5.   special plate: NaAC type、AgNO3 type etc.

Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plates first sealed with polyethylene plastic bag, then packed in boxes and again sealed into polyethylene bags, then packed into cartons, compacted boxes with paper or foam. Carton tied up with intersection parallel PP bands.

Stored in dry and ventilated place. Do not co-deposited with volatile substances (plates that cannot be used up completely should be sealed immediately) in order to avoid moisture absorption, or adsorption of other chemical substances to affect the separation performance. Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate stored a long time or have moisture absorption can be dried at 70℃ activated 1.0-2.0hr before use.

Size, thickness, packaging and special requirements can be produced according to the user analysis.

Size packing list
(mm)    Quantity    Size
(mm)    Quantity
Plate per box    Box per carton    Plate per box    Box per carton
25×75    80    20    50×200    20    20
25×100    70    20    100×100    20    20
30×100    60    20    100×150    10    20
50×100    40    20    100×200    10    20
50×150    20    20    200×200    ---    10



adhesion activity
Normal plate 0.20-0.25 Bubble
Three colors separated
Preparation plate 0.40-0.50



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