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The wonderful use of several desiccants

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Desiccant, I'm sure you won't be unfamiliar. But it is often ignored in our life. Now,I would like to share with you the wonderful use of several desiccants in ou life.

silica gel desiccant-

1. During the rainy season, the room is very humid. Put some desiccant in each drawer and cabinet to prevent the articles from getting moldy and remove the peculiar smell.

2. If the shoes smell of sweat keep a bag of desiccant in your shoes to dispel peculiar the smell.

3..It can solve the problem of mobile phone water inflow. If the mobile phone or other electronic products water inflow is not handled in time, the electronic parts in the mobile phone will be damaged due to water inflow. In this case, first dry the surface of the mobile phone with a dry towel, turn off the mobile phone, and then put the mobile phone and a bag of desiccant into a sealed plastic bag at the same time, which can absorb the water in the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone can be used normally after two days of storage.

4. In addition, silica gel desiccant is also very helpful for plants. It can be used as fertilizer, promote photosynthesis of plants, facilitate growth and flowering.


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