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enterprise news

  • 03-29 2020 +Read More
    Business Continuity Plan For Covid-19

    For this coronavirus, we have formulated this emergency supply chain plan on the basis of the original BCP supply chain management center. The applicable time is from January 23, 2020 to May 15, 2020. The specific applicable time can be adjusted according to the situation.

  • 03-29 2020 +Read More
    BCP(Business Continuity Plan) Qingdao Peony International Trading CO., LTD.

    Emergency policies and guidelines :In the event of a disaster or epidemic, the business policy of overall crisis response is to complete the business operation recovery task within 24 hours of the crisis, so as to ensure the company's commitment to customers' timely stock up and timely payment of wages.

  • 03-27 2020 +Read More
    Environmental health guarantee------covid-19

    In response to the event of coronavirus (covid-19) infectious disease, the company has taken preventive and mitigation measures. Such as:
    1.Comprehensively strengthen the safety protection of the office and production site, equip with disinfectant such as disinfectant water, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes ;

  • 02-05 2020 +Read More
    What is silica gel cat litter?What are the advantages of silica gel cat litter?

    Silica gel cat litter is mainly composed of silica dioxide, the content of up to 98%,Because of its abundant microporous structure, silica gel has super hygroscopicity and moisture absorption characteristics. Silica gel cat litter is the latest and most ideal cleaning agent for pet waste。Features of

  • 02-04 2020 +Read More
    What is silica gel for beer? Does beer silica gel affect beer taste?

    It has large specific surface area and numerous fine-pored structure. It adsorbs the proteins which cause beer turbid and removes them through filtering just within several minutes, thus prolonging the beer storage period, and keeping beer from being cold muddy.

  • 01-12 2017 +Read More
    ISO certificate new version

    Company passed the newest version of ISO 9001:2015

  • 02-18 2016 +Read More
    What is Bamboo Cat Litter?

    Advantages of Bamboo Cat Litter:1.Improve indoor air quality, with numerous organic fiber pipeline, bamboo natural active substances and enzyme it can firmly lock the harmful gas, clean indoor air;2.To meet the health requirements, bamboo cat litter has a natural anti-bacterial ability, avoid bacter

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