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  • Q Which express we support?

    A We have cooperation with DHL, TNT, EMS, ups and SF international express. We will arrange to send documents and samples according to your needs.
  • Q What should be paid attention to during the transportation and storage of silica gel products?

    A Silica gel has a strong moisture absorption capacity, so it should be stored in a dry place, and there should be a shelf between the package and the ground. In the process of transportation, attention should be paid to avoid rain, moisture and exposure to the sun.
  • Q Use for Macro-pored silica gel

    A 1. Used for moistureproof packing
    2. Used for dehydration and purification of industrial gases
    3. Used for removing the organic acids and high polymers in the insulation oils.
    4. Used for adsorbing the high molecular proteins in the fermented products during the industrial fermenting process.
    5. Used as catalysts and catalyst carriers,etc.
  • Q Use for Silica Gel Type C

    A Used as the raw material for preparation of silica sand. After being further dried and screened, it forms macro-pored silica gel which is used as drier, adsorbent and catalyst carrier.
  • Q Use of Silica Gel FNG

    A Mainly used for air drying in the air separating process, the adsorption of acetylenein preparation of liquidified air and liquidified oxygen. Iis also used for drying compressed air and various industrial gases. In petrochemical industry,electric power industry,brewing industry and other industries, etc.it is used as liquid adsorbent and catalyst carrier.It may also be used as
    the buffer drier, silica sand etc. for ordinary silica protective bed.

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