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hollow glass molecular sieve

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The hollow glass molecular sieve is a kind of crystalline aluminosilicate mineral pellet, which is mainly used for drying the air in the double glass interlayer.

Application of hollow glass molecular sieve:

1)Absorb the moisture in the insulating glass and dry it.

2)Anticoagulant effect.

3)Cleaning effect. The amount of dust falling from the adsorbed air (under the action of water) is very low.

4)Environmental protection. It can be recycled, harmless to the environment, recycled, processed and reused.

5)Energy saving. For insulating glass, with insulating glass aluminum strip, sealant and other reasonable coordination, to ensure the energy-saving effect of insulating glass.

Precautions for use of hollow glass molecular sieve:

1.The special molecular sieve for hollow glass shall be sealed and preserved before use. If the package is damaged, it shall not be used. If the opened package is not used up, it shall not be used again after self packaging.

2.Filling should be done in a dry, dust-free room.

3.The molecular sieve shall not be exposed in the air for a long time after it is unpacked. From filling to gluing and laminating, it shall be completed continuously in a short time.The aluminum partition frame filled with molecular sieve shall synthesize hollow glass within 45 minutes.

4.There shall be no air leakage on the four sides of the sealed insulating glass

5.After gluing the hollow glass lamination, it is strictly prohibited to expose to the sun.

In a word, it is necessary to conduct regular inspection, drying, indoor, dust-free, fast loading, and prevent air leakage and exposure to the sun.

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